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Top anchor Kubra Sait talks about her personal life with Maxim.


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What’s Kubra Sait like when the cameras are turned off and the audience goes home?

Lazy and hungry. I also play with my cat Shifu Sait. I write sometimes and watch TV shows. Basically relax. The couch becomes my favourite place to chill.


What attracted you to being a part of Going Viral Pvt. Ltd.?

The team. I have been a fan girl of Anuvab Pal’s writing skills, his delivery and his madness. Then there is this notorious Kunaal Roy Kapoor, who is effortlessly funny. His nuances and little responses crack you up. It was hard for me to play the badass boss, because I would constantly break into a laugh, that is who I am. Even at a stand-up show, I’ll be the one laughing the loudest. So to curb all that energy and bring out a responsible, money-hungry, serious woman was an interesting challenge.


You’re a super confident woman and we love that about you. Was there ever a time you felt stage fright?

I was timid while growing up. I had fear of facing people, but not necessarily the stage. Once I got over the fear of people, and became this confident person, public speaking came naturally to me. I still do get nervous before stepping onstage. It’s good to be nervous. It’s an energy that allows me to project the best.


The most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done to get out of a date?

Called a friend and faked an emergency. I once also faked a loose stomach.


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Beaches or the hills? Why?

I want both! Although I find beaches far easier. I love getting a tan, sleeping on a sun bed, listening to the waves and just being free of all things stressful.


The one thing no guy should ever say/do in the bedroom?

I had it right here... ermm, and now I can’t find it. Errrm, the protection.


What’s your favourite drink?

My favourite drink comes as is. Give me a single malt or a glass of wine. Do not alter it.


When do you feel sexiest?

At my confident best. Almost all the time.


The best way for a man to get your attention?

Be polite, and please don’t play hard to get. Be a good person, one can see through the nuances. Get yourself manicured and wear your personality. 


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