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Covergirl Priyanka Moodley Makes Her Maxim Debut For The #MakeHerSmile Campaign

Covergirl Priyanka Moodley Makes Her Maxim Debut For The #MakeHerSmile Campaign


Welcome to Maxim! How does it feel?

It’s been such a good experience. It’s so refreshing to work with the Maxim team.


How was it working with the other girls?

I knew the other Priyanka, and our connection has been great since the first time we met.



What, according to you, makes a man sexy?

His smile, his smell and the way he carries himself. And because I’m tall, his height matters.


What are three things you wish men knew about women?

We don’t always say things just for the sake of saying things. We don’t nag them all the time, and we don’t complain all the time—we have a good place from where all these things come. And, they must all be a little more understanding. Sometimes the way men deal with things is very different from the way women deal with things. We like to express ourselves, and we want someone who listens to us. Lastly, not all of us take forever to get ready!



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Noted! We’re all about freedom, and we’re advocates of “body confidence”—what does that mean to you?

Everyone’s body is different, but you just have to be confident in your own skin. You’ve got to accept your body as it is. If you accept yourself, everyone else will do the same.


What does it take to become a successful model?

Firstly, you’ve got to have thick skin because people can be very harsh in this industry. It may not mean that you’re not beautiful or your body’s not amazing, it’s just that, sometimes, it’s not the look they’re looking for. Secondly, you’ve got to have a strong mindset and take rejection gracefully.



Social media is unavoidable, and it can be excessively harsh. How do you deal with trolls?

Honestly, I just ignore them because everyone has their own view on things. If you let it get to you, it’s going to eventually break you as a person. You’ve just got to believe in yourself.


Describe your ideal date.

I love food, sunsets and wine.



Where can one find you on a Friday night?

Recently, it’s been all about being in bed, watching Netflix. Right now, I’m watching all the Marvel series. I finished watching Jessica Jones and now I’m on Luke Cage.


What’s the craziest thing a man has ever done for you?

I was in a long-distance relationship, and I had no idea he was flying halfway across the world to see me. He’d planned it with my friends for weeks.   



What else are you passionate about, besides modelling?

Right now, I’m working towards getting my professional qualifications because, honestly, modelling doesn’t last forever. At some point, I’d like to settle down and have a stable life, so that’s what I’m working towards. Other than that, I’m a belly dancer.


Wow! Did not know that. How can we impress you?

A good conversation. If I can’t have a decent conversation with you, then it’s not happening.



Which part of your body do you love the most?

My smile. I think I have a nice smile.


It’s mesmerising, actually. In fact, we have a #MakeHerSmile social campaign, what do you think Maxim readers can do to make the women in their lives smile?

It’s the smallest of gestures that bring the greatest joys. Flowers, chocolates, anything to show that you take notice of her.



Tell us about your last vacation.

I feel Cape Town is kind of a vacation, but it’s also home. I was in Croatia for work, recently. Wow, it’s been a while since I took a vacation. I’m planning one, though. I’d like to go skiing

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