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Covergirl Poulomi Das Is The Face Of Our #MakeHerSmile Campaign

Covergirl Poulomi Das Is The Face Of Out #MakeHerSmile Campaign


Your first Maxim appearance, and your first time with the two Priyankas! How was it?

I’ve loved every bit of this shoot.


You’ve been modelling for a while now. Who’s been the most instrumental in your own career path?

My mom, always and forever.




Bless her. What does it take to succeed in this industry?

You have to be passionate about what you’re doing, and you have to be confident. Don’t choose any shortcuts.


Other than modelling, what else are you passionate about?

Acting. I kind of stumbled on it. I got a call from a production company, and they wanted to cast me. I told them that I didn’t know how to speak in Hindi—at that time, my Hindi wasn’t too great. But they insisted, and it worked.




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Will you be able to balance modelling and acting?

I will, I just did it for this shoot—I told them I wanted to do both.


Tell us a bit about your social media profile—how much of your life do you let people actually see?

I’m a bit of an introvert that way. I don’t mix personal with professional. You always have to have your own personal time with your tribe.




What’s your take on blind dates?

I’m always scared. Who is he, how does he look and where are we going? But, I’d be open to going on one, for sure. It’s always good to explore, right?


Hell yeah, it is. What would make a man appealing to you?

A sexy man should smell good, look good, have a good sense of humour and know how to cook.




Damn, we would have aced it. But we’re learning... what would be your ideal date.

I’d like to go to an open-air theatre and watch a good 1980s or ’90s film. You know, a drive-in.


Perfect. What’s the craziest thing a man has ever done for you?

I still haven’t found ‘the’ man for me. I guess I want to experience more in life.




So, you’ll try dating apps? Have you ever been on them?

Nope. I have so many men around me that I don’t need a dating app! But, there was a fake profile of me on Tinder. My friend called me and told me—there was a very strange name that they’d put, like some ‘Charlie’s Angel’ or something!


That’s odd and creepy. Apart from fake profiles, do you also have an army of silly trolls?

Because of my skin colour, I get a lot of negative comments. I’ve always tried to correct them, but I don’t respond in a rude way. But, if they don’t listen, then fuck it, I don’t really care.




Well said, and good for you. We’re glad that you embody the ‘body positive’ ideal. Do you think this even needs to be debated?

It’s all about balance. Strong is the new skinny, I say.


#MakeHerSmile is our public service campaign. What do you think about it?

Make the women in your life your first priority. Don’t count them as a second option. Pamper them.




Oh yes, we do. And we’re hoping every other man out there does as well. Where did you go for your last vacation?

I went to Macau and Hong Kong, recently. And, after that, I went to Kerala. It was heavenly. Now, with everything that’s happening over there, I really want to tell everyone that if you give even the smallest amount, it’ll really help. Right now, they truly need all your support. So many people have been displaced from their homes. Just help in whatever way you can.


Thank you. We stand by Kerala and its people as well.

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