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Uber To Make Flying Taxis A Reality

Remember The Jetsons?

Uber To Make Flying Taxis A Reality
(Photo: Getty Images)

Well, Uber is about to make the animated sitcom a reality, as they’ve just displayed their latest concept images for a flying car at their second annual Elevate conference in Los Angeles. The concepts show that passengers (a maximum of four) will sit in the middle of the aircraft (which they casually book through the Uber app) and up front as they are piloted to their destination.

Uber To Make Flying Taxis A Reality
(Photo: Embraer) Embraer is one of the aircraft manufacturers working with Uber

The aircraft-taxis are being called 'electric vertical take-off and landing vehicles common reference models', but one can’t help but notice the resemblance to helicopters. Thousands of rooftop ‘skyports’ will have to be built across cities in order to accommodate these flying taxis, so it’ll take quite a while before they become viable options (though 2020 is the scheduled year for take off).

Uber To Make Flying Taxis A Reality
(Photo: Uber)

The plan seems to have gotten support by NASA, as they’ve announced that they’ll be working with Uber to assess the impact of these aircrafts over crowded areas.

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