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Still Searching for Waldo? Try Checking Your Phone

If you spent your entire childhood searching for the elusive Waldo then rejoice in the fact that this year for April Fool’s Day (and for the rest of the week), Google has made the search digital by running a ‘Where’s Waldo?’ game inside Google Maps.



It is an annual tradition of theirs to celebrate the day and past years have seen hoaxes such as Google Nose, where the company announced that it could manipulate the photons being emitted from users’ screens to emulate particular smells, therefore enabling people to smell what they searched for online.


This year’s gag is a little more straightforward and realistic: just tap on the Waldo icon on the side (in the browser and the iOS and Android apps) and a virtual quest will be brought up in which you can navigate with your mouse to search for Waldo and his friends. If you succeed in finding him you’ll be transported to a new location so that you can search for him in places all over the world.

By maxim