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How Technology Has Sprinkled Its Magic Across FIFA World Cups

The grandiose of FIFA World Cup is thoroughly secured, as the 21st edition brims with the promise of making the experience bigger and better.


How Technology Has Sprinkled Its Magic Across FIFA World Cups


To sit countries and continents away, witnessing the glory of a grand tournament, it’s a magical tale in narration. Technology has spread its w­ings to virtually transport you to wherever and whenever you want.


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The FIFA World Cup festivities span across years, with ambitious biddings and magnificent preparations predating the month-long football gala. It was only unfair that the opulence and spectacle went as mere snippets of a dynamic story, and live-streaming channels have ironed out that tribulation. We’re living the moment through screens–technology has conjured meticulous mechanisms to transform the experience of witnessing the spectacle. The World Cup is interspersed with scrupulous tools, which ensure that nothing (and we mean, nothing) is hidden away under the blind spot–every detail lies before us.


Goal-Line Technology

It’s never as simple as the ball hitting the net easily and directly. Hands might have gotten in the way, lines could have been crossed, it might not have hit the target at all–who can tell?

How does it work?



The technology, which debuted at the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil could, actually. To back sufficient evidence or refute the referee’s decision, the Goal-line technology lucidly demarcates what counts as a goal and what, a near-miss. The tool is aided by 14 high-speed cameras installed in the stadium, along with seven different cameras along the goal post to monitor the desired levels. The high-speed cameras are embedded with sensors to send information to the referee’s watch when a goal has been scored.


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It’s not just talk: French player Karim Benzema experienced the technology to his benefit when his less-than-a-second’s time inside the post goal against Honduras was recorded. It has been actively used in subsequent tournaments, which ensures that every moment is accounted for.


Video Assistant Referee

Sometimes the line is too thin to call out certain decisions, and in addition to the Goal-line technology and referee on ground, this year’s World Cup has debuted with a safeguard to shape crucial decisions.

How does it work?



Based on broadcast and audio equipment, the VAR is the additional video-assistive tool available to referees for blatant errors or missed incidences, things which have a direct bearing on the course of the match. So, things like goals, penalty decisions, or mistaken identities are in the know-how of this tech tool. Being its debut year, the system has been tested at hundreds of matches, and the team comprises of the video assistant referee, in addition to three more. These officials have put up their base at the International Broadcast Centre, and have 33 broadcast cameras offering the footage in different speeds and angles. If there’s even a whit of doubt regarding a red card given or a goal scored, the information by the VAR can be the parameter to the referee’s decision.


Electronic Performance and Tracking System

Adding to the impressive list is an efficient communication channel between teams, technical, and medical staff. The staff will have a direct line to communicate with the members sitting on the bench, and the optical tracking cameras deliver real-time information to analysts along with the selected footage. The source of information coming from ground zero itself allows them to compare the insights and offer their outlook to enhance interaction.


The Adidas Telstar 18

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The 48-year-old Telstar marks its return, rolling its way back after a glorious revamp. With high-technology, new material, and a sharper packaging, World Cup 2018’s official ball has been embedded with Near-Field Communication chips, which engages with smartphones in the arena–from offering exclusive information to playing games, the ball is a multi-tasker.

And these are just peppered-up delights to add to the extravagant experience–live streaming on a global scale, interactive social media portals and memes, and a host of other interactive aids have infused life in a distant spectacle. Every match and all information you can possible glean, they’re all a click away.

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