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Destination Moon From L’Epée 1839 And MB&F Is A Luxury Treat For The Geek At Heart.

“Space isn’t empty, it’s filled by imagination!” say the creators of this ecletic clock, inspired by rockets from 1960s science fiction.


Destination Moon from L’Epée 1839 and MB&F is a luxury treat for the geek at heart.

MB&F’s Destination Moon, built by famous Swiss clock-maker L’Epée 1839, brings the torpedo-shaped rocket to stunning reality—with hours and minutes displayed on stainless steel discs with stamped numerals, powered by a winding crown in its base.

The stunning table clock, in spite of the largely empty space in the body of the rocket, weighs four kg and sits firmly on its landing pods. The clock follows MB&F’s Aquapod, and highlights founder Maximilian Büsser’s vision of creating radical machines that combine horological innovation and expert micro-engineering.

Oh, there’s also Neil, a solid silver space-suited figurine that’s magnetically attached to the ladder connecting the crown to the movement. Almost Tintin! 

By maxim