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Do You Like To Watch?

If you have a fetish for voyeurism, here are some ways to include it in your sex life with a consenting partner, friend or smoosh buddy…


Do You Like To Watch?


According to the Oxford dictionary, voyeurism is the practice of gaining sexual pleasure from watching others when they are naked or engaged in a sexual activity. The term ‘voyeurism’ is derived from the French word ‘voir’ that means ‘to see.’ Many of us have gained a thrill via accidental voyeurism when we may have walked past a house and seen people having sex through a window or possibly caught a glimpse of someone’s naked body unintentionally. 

Wilful voyeurism such as the aspiration to become a Peeping Tom is against the law—one needs ‘consent,’ otherwise it’s considered an invasion of privacy and, frankly, is creepy. And you shouldn’t be doing it. However, it certainly doesn’t mean we don’t have voyeuristic tendencies within us—taking a peek when we damn well shouldn’t! A nude body in a change room. A couple shagging in a hotel room. A skirt that flies up on a windy day—we steal a quick glance, yeah? Our curious nature gets the better of us and we just can’t help ourselves. 

Humans stay in control because it’s a learned act and voyeurism is considered by most to be predatory; but, under the surface, it exists in all of us. A 2007 study published in the International Journal of Sexual Health revealed that the majority of participants reported a willingness to watch an attractive person undress or have sex with another—if there was no chance of getting caught. I really don’t believe slight voyeuristic tendencies are anything to be ashamed of, but in saying that, I don’t think you should purchase a telescope or pitch a swag out in front of your neighbour’s window. So, here are some ways to do it with your partner, without freaking her out.



For all those exhibitionists out there, this one is for you. You don’t have to be a celebrity to make a sex tape—you can be a porn star at home. Make a sex tape, then watch it together at a later date. If the number of videos online are any indication, plenty of people are doing it already. 



Swinger parties can be a lot of fun and are becoming mainstream now. If you like to watch others engaging in steamy sexual activity, this is the perfect place to be a sexual voyeur without being locked in the slammer. You know what I mean?



Mirrors during sex are pretty awesome. One gets to see everything from all angles and there is a sense that you are being watched. It’s incredibly erotic and can really add some excitement to your sex life if you are comfortable with your bodies and sexualities. Try it.



Exhibitionists and voyeurs are like a match made in heaven. Exhibitionists intentionally shag with the curtains open or walk around nude in a change room. Befriend one and discuss a mutually-beneficial relationship or friendship to cater to your basic instincts.



Webcam models are a voyeur’s wet dream. You can sit back in the comfort of your own home by yourself (or with a partner) and watch people engaged in coitus, masturbating and stripping without being seen. It can’t get much better than that. 

Sexual voyeurism can be a real turn-on, and when kept in check, it is completely healthy. Just make sure the person you’re watching knows that you are watching and also likes it.

By maxim