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Back To The Future II’s Nike Air Mags Have Been Sold For $92,100

Marty McFly had some sound kick choices: the Nike Air Mags in the second part of the trilogy just got auctioned on eBay.


Back To The Future II’s Nike Air Mags Have Been Sold For $92,100
Universal Pictures

Every sneaker has a destiny to fulfil. Some make it to the World Cup and some to the T20s, some to the sports arena nearby and some to the gym. And for the absolutely dissipated and woefully worn ones, the sneaker becomes a reminiscent part of a collector’s memorabilia.

When Marty McFly landed three years in the past in Back to the Future II, he donned the classic Nike Air Mags with self-lacing and a Michael J. Fox guarantee on it. Nike has rereleased the shoes in limited editions over the years, but the classic one had quite a value attached to it.



The original pair (which doesn’t self-lace in this future) sold off for $92,100 on eBay for residents of Portland only, with 220 people putting in their bids to keep the shoes as keepsakes.

Why not use it? The shoes debuted in 1989 have rotten away into crumbles of orange with the rubber at the back completely torn off, and the midsole and outsole beyond recognition and cracked. Despite the bleak condition, the shoes have been documented in history as one of the movie greats.

Note to the buyer: handle Marty’s favourite with extreme, extreme care.

By maxim