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Arunoday Singh talks about style

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Arunoday Singh is not a man of too many words, and he’s not the kind of guy you’ll see around too much. He keeps busy, does what he thinks works best for him and, importantly, dresses “himself.” The tough guy gives us some style ideas, coupled with easy fitness dope.


What’s your basic style idea, which you can rely on at any time? Any particular outfit?

I’ve always been a white T-shirt or white shirt with a pair of khaki slacks or cargo pants kind of a guy. My basic style idea is just... well, basic. I find that it usually works better to stick to simple, classical things rather than try too hard and get all confused. I’m a good clotheshorse but that doesn’t mean I can pull off everything. Luckily, all I want is a white T-shirt and my cargos. And I think I look good in ’em.


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What’s the one item in your wardrobe that’s always there?

Many, many, many, well-fitted, quality, excellently-cut white T-shirts. You can never have too many of those.


Casual or formal? Easy or fitted? Which do you prefer?

Depends entirely on the occasion, doesn’t it? When I dress for formal occasions, I usually end up carrying my suits with an insouciance that seems casual, anyway. I’m not a man who is comfortable in formal wear so, I suppose, casual would be the answer. As for the easy or fitted, I always prefer well-fitted. I like the feel of it, there’s something solid and reassuring about it. There’s something precise and articulate and it goes down to exactly who you are, no extras anywhere. It’s psychologically satisfying for me.


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What shoes would you recommend for someone heading to a party after work?

A good pair of black tapered boots. They go with a suit, they go with a pair of jeans, and they make you look good. Nothing flashy or obvious. Just understated and classic.


What colours do you think a man can carry off without looking “strange”?

The man decides, I’d say. I know men who can pull off just about any colour. I know others who would never stray from black. And, then, I also know people who don’t really give a damn.


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When it comes to Indian wear, what’s your style?

I rarely wear ethnic clothes, especially of the formal variety. I’m just more comfortable in western wear. Although I have a lot of handloom and traditional textile kurtas to lounge around in on easy days... because they breathe so well in the summer.


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What are the must-haves in every dude’s closet?

A well-tailored dark blue suit. Perfectly fitted, bespoke shirts. And jeans that fit well. Not your everyday jeans. The ones that make you look at the price tag at least twice. They’re that expensive for a reason.


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How can one look good without going “metrosexual”?

Just be yourself and don’t worry about trying to look stylish or “all metrosexual” or “less metrosexual,” or any of that malarkey. Whatever makes you comfortable, whatever you think looks good on you, whatever makes you look in the mirror and smile, wear that!


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What about accessories for guys? Aye? Or nay?

I’m the wrong guy to ask this question. I don’t have any, and don’t try any. I think a guy just organically gravitates towards a sartorial expression. If it works for you, great. Try not being a douche about it. It’s a style statement, not a declaration of war. As for me, I’m usually as minimal as they get.


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Is a fit body essential?

A fit body is truly the only essential thing for your mental and physical health. For your psychological satisfaction, for a sense of self-worth, for your ability to function as an active person in this highly-stressful, demanding world, a fit body is essential. Everything else is window dressing. Your body is your only means of interacting with the world, really. The better it is, the better the interaction.


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You keep very fit. What do you concentrate on?

My workout regime during months I’m not required to be über cut or ultra fit is usually a mixture of yoga and CrossFit training, with a balanced diet. If I need to get really fit, then it’s the same training schedule but with a much more planned nutrition plan. I’ve found that what you eat and how much you eat has more impact on your physical improvement than anything you do in the gym. Other than yoga and CrossFit, I don’t set foot in the gym for weight training. That’s just not my thing.




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