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This One-Off Custom, Designed Zagato Superbike Is As Classy As It Gets

MV Agusta and Zagato Milano brought forth the F4Z ‘atelier motorbike’ —a one-off custom, designed and built by the Zagato studio for a Japanese tycoon who treasures modern cars and Italian motorbikes and their intersection.


This One-Off Custom, Designed Zagato Superbike Is As Classy As It Gets


Zagato, formed in 1919 by plane and car labourer Ugo Zagato—is the only on-going Italian coachbuilder from that halcyon era that is still family-owned. Andrea Zagato, the grandson of Ugo and living scion of the ‘Lightning Z’ crest—and CEO, now leads the brand into the 21st century.



The brand specialises in two-door/two-seat custom automobiles; the F4Z is an exodus from the company’s customary work. The F4Z’s body panels were all hand-made in Milan, using CAD-CAM-CAE technology and 3D printing.



“What our client wanted was something that could keep its value in time; a bike that was classic but always up to date, and with a timeless design,” explains Zagato. “To us it represented a challenge, as we normally work on luxury sports coupes.”



Commissioned by a Japanese Zagato fan, fascinated with Italian motorbikes, the team chose to collaborate with MV Agusta, one of the most exclusive and prestigious brands in that world. And while the F4Z is a one-off design object that will never be produced in series, that doesn’t mean it will be the last Zagato and MV Agusta project. “Our collaboration may well continue in the future,” Zagato suggests. 



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