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Cardio is one of those things that just has to be done. Some people find it therapeutic, and that’s great, but for some it gets monotonous and, hence, they neglect it from the week’s workout split.


zumba for men
Zumba Redstudio/ YouTube


But overlooking it would stand in the way of one’s fitness goals, and a basic amount of cardio is absolutely necessary for optimal health. Thankfully, there are innumerable ways to incorporate it into your routine – ways that make it infinitely more fun.


zumba for men


Zumba is one such way. It’s an aerobic fitness programme that consists of dance-inspired movements set to music. While doing it you’ll probably forget that you’re even exercising, but your body definitely won’t. Men seem to look past it in favour of other forms of cardio, perhaps assuming that it’s meant solely for women.


zumba for men


Huge mistake, because these high-intensity workouts are unbelievable effective and will leave you drenched in sweat. Another positive is that you can do it anywhere because there are countless videos available online which take you through each movement.


zumba for men


So, shake a leg (and every other body part) to these videos and feel every muscle in your body get worked.


zumba for men


The Fitness Marshall has many videos that are set to one particular song, so feel free to add as many short videos as you want to your workout. We’ve put together some to get you started:


There are some other great single-song routines that you can mix and match:

If you’re looking for one video that’ll take care of a long cardio session then here you go:

It doesn’t get more energetic than Bollywood songs:

When you’re ready for your cool-down stage, Zumba comes through again:

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