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A long, fun night often leads to an excruciatingly long, not-so-fun morning. This is where 82 Labs’ ‘Morning Recovery’ drink comes to the rescue. Rumour has it, it even beats our long-trusted hair of the dog! 



Bottoms up so you don’t wake up face down.

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It claims to help break down the toxins released from alcohol and reduce the usual after-effects of a heavy night—like as headaches, sluggishness, etc. through the drink’s star herbal ingredient: dihydromyricetin (DMH). While the drink has been available on the market for a while now, the brand has recently debuted a second, more powerful version of it. This new version was backed by an eight million dollar investment by Silicon Valley’s Alton Ventures, R7 Partners, and Slow Ventures, to name a few.



100ml of more you.

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The website suggests three different ways of consuming it: have it prior to the consumption of alcohol, mix it with your beverage of choice, or have it to end a boozy night.



We handled the science so you can focus on doing more you.

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