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How To Re-Power Your Guns Every Day

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It’s not so easy getting up in the mornings. It’s dark. It’s cold. The bed is warm… Did we mention dark and cold? Even if you are the person who prefers training in the evenings, the same can be said. The sun starts setting early and by the time you are done with your session and walk out of the gym it might as well be midnight. Not an ideal scenario. There are months when the gyms go quiet. Most people pack on a few extra kilos and blame it on comfort food—although that may be true, the idea is to keep a balance so as to not screw up your metabolism entirely for when spring comes and you want to get in shape again.

Easier said than done, right? Even the most dedicated lifters have weak moments every now and then but they don’t wallow in them. Here are some guidelines to keeping up with the gym-going Joneses:


Set a goal

Find a date that falls in early summer or spring and make it your mission to accomplish something fitness related by then. Be it a body fat percentage reading, or a half-marathon or a cycle—anything that will keep your eye on the prize.


Buy new training clothes

No, this is not only for the ladies. Investing in new attire for the sport of your choice or gym is a great way to keep you motivated and focussed.


Pump that playlist

It’s time for a new set of songs. Last year’s number one has just been killed by the radio so go and download some fresh playlists that will get your pecs bouncing along with your foot.


Phone a friend

Really. Grab a like-minded friend and keep each other motivated. It’s easier to skip when you have no one relying on your company but we can guarantee you will be less inclined to sleep in or drive by when you have someone waiting for you, to hold you accountable. For the lazy type, this is sure to work wonders.


That thing you wanted to try…

Do it now. Whether it’s a high-energy group training class or a hike on a Sunday morning, now is the time to do it. By engaging in these different activities you avoid getting bored.


Warm up inside

Get your heart rate up indoors already as this will get the blood circulating and give you that kick you need to get going.


The age-old “Get a personal trainer”

It works, though. PT’s tend to have great packages over these months so shop around a bit and find someone who will keep you in check. If you are spending money on a trainer, you will be less inclined to staying in bed or doing a drive-by. Just keep at it. Winter will not be here forever and when the sun starts rising that bit earlier, and the days get warmer, you will wish you hadn’t skipped those days because when it’s time to get into shorts and a T-shirt there will be no secret about whether you checked into the gym or your local pizza joint down the road.

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