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Beer-o-logy: What's The Best Way To Drink Beer?

Fire up the party this season with your favourite brew. We’ve got it covered for you to be the perfect host/geek. Long live happy hours!


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The best way to drink beer is to savour every sip and not chug to get drunk. Use the right glassware and chill the beer to about 10°-15° Celsius before drinking. And you need to perfect the pour—it is indeed an art and enhances the tasting experience. Beer has a high level of carbonation and if poured hastily it will foam up and create an unappetising layer of “head” and may spill over from the top. Contrarily, a beer without a head may end up losing the finer characteristics.

Getting the perfect pour may be a challenge initially but can be mastered in a few trials. To pour from a bottle—tilt the glass to a 45-degree angle and pour the beer down in a quick steady stream on the side of the glass. Once the glass is getting fuller lay it flat to settle. You should have at least an inch of froth. The head also helps bring out the delightful and refi ned aromas in citrus and spiced flavour brews. Beer cocktails are a great alternative to the season’s more expected concoctions. A trend that’s quite popular abroad is variations of classic cocktails and some great options are: Beer Mule—the beery good version of a Moscow Mule, Beerijito and Beer Rita, where beer takes over popular cocktails Mojito and Margarita. If you’ve been drinking your beer straight from the bottle year after year, it’s time you get out of your beer rut and try something new.

Fruit beers are popular with people, especially women. Fruit beers are delicious! There is nothing better on a hot summer afternoon than a cold and delicious drop of ale with a refreshing kick of real fruit flavour. A definite hit is Magners. It comes in three flavours—apple cider, berry and pear. Impressing a woman? The romantic Sweet Pepper should do the trick. It’s a zesty blend of lager, grapefruit and strawberry which is perfect to make any occasion special. If the lady loves her classics more, then a Beer Mule or a Beerijito would work as well.


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Popular beer games: Beer pong remains an all-time favourite along with dart games and foosball. Game nights are gaining popularity. These games work well with picky girlfriends too. Try quarters, flip cup or beer roulette, though the last one can get a little messy. But, hey, that shouldn’t be your complaint at all.

If you’re bored of these games and want to try something new, check out various apps that are easily available now. Nerd type? Check out Beer Café’s visual search app called Know Your Beers trivia and you’ll get to know everything about the beer in your hand. All you got to do is hold a bottle in front of your phone, open the app and blip the label. The app will show you details from tasting notes, to where the beer was made and even thealcohol content. You can show off your knowledge though it’llstill be considered nerdy!


A Crash Course In Craft Beers:

Belgian brews like Hoegaarden and Stella to Paulaner and Erdinger from Germany are delicious. Paulaner is in fact one of the official brews at the Oktoberfest held in Munich annually. Witlinger and well with any salad, Mediterranean or Caesar’s.



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