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You Must Watch These Comedy Specials

Netflix and Amazon Prime have been rolling out comedy specials from some of the biggest names in comedy for a while now, and of late there’s been no shortage of Indian comedians on the watchlist.


You Must Watch These Comedy Specials


In fact, Amazon Prime Video very clearly made its entry into this space by announcing a deal that saw it stream the content of 14 top Indian stand-up artists as specials of their own. Netflix entered the scene as well soon after, and, so, with the amount of content out there we’ve shortlisted some of the best comedy specials (of Indian comedians) that you should stream if you haven’t already.


1) Biswa Mast Aadmi – Biswa (Amazon Prime)

There are some comedy acts that allow you to just laugh at blatant jokes, but Biswa’s is not one of those.


Abhi on Amazon Prime Video. Yeh hai link. Dekho dekho.

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His spectacular show requires you to listen intently for those well-timed, intelligent jokes or else you run the risk of completely missing his razor-sharp wit.


2) Haq Se Single – Zakir Khan (Amazon Prime)

Zakir’s relatable content takes the audience through his endearing experiences with love, rejection, and adulthood, allowing them to live the stories with him.



3) Abroad Understanding – Vir Das (Netflix)

This Netflix special crosscuts his performances in New York and New Delhi as Das takes on topics like politics, nationalism, globalism, and food.



4) Keep It Real – Kanan Gill (Amazon Prime)

In the span of an hour, Kanan Gill (of Pretentious Reviews fame) glides through a range of topics that include conversing with one’s parents and the Indian Constitution.



5) Don’t Be That Guy – Kenny Sebastian (Amazon Prime)

Sometimes simple observations of day-to-day occurrences are all it takes to make an audience erupt in laughter. Kenny Sebastian’s show is all about that and he intersperses it with some bits on his guitar.



6) Homecoming King – Hasan Minhaj (Netflix)

So, while Hasan Minhaj isn’t based in India, he is an Indian-American comedian, and his Netflix show covers true stories from his life as the son of Indian-Muslim immigrant parents. He takes you on a ride that manages to be heartbreaking and unimaginably funny at the same time, and is relatable to any Indian.


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