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Wedding Bells for Batman and Catwoman?

(Spoilers for Batman Issue No. 50, Volume 3 ahead)

After courting each other for the better part of the last 80 years, the fiftieth issue of DC Comic’s Batman was supposed to see the titular character finally wed his feline femme, putting an end to the baiting that fans had been loyally enduring.

The nuptials had been in the works since the previous year, with series writer Tom King fuelling the hype ever since, and all that was left to do was for the two to actually exchange vows.


Wedding Bells for Batman and Catwoman?
(Photo: DC Entertainment / Mikel Janin,Tom King

The venue was set, the garments were donned, the respective comrades were giving their supportive pep talks—and that’s when things began to unravel. Selina Kyle’s maid of honour, Holly Robinson, made an observation that had Catwoman rethink her happily-ever-after. A remark about how Wayne always needed his ‘misery’ to continue his fight against the underbelly of the world prompted the almost-bride to leave her almost-husband a note that underscored her fears regarding how that by marrying him, he would become happy, and once happy, Batman wouldn’t battle on.

“How can I do that? To save the world, heroes make sacrifices. My sacrifice is my life. It’s you.”

But, as always, the bane of Batman’s existence is yet to arrive: Bane. The issue ends with Holly making her way to a basement in Arkham, where she tells Bane, as he sits on a throne, surrounded by a bevy of familiar faces (think Joker and the Riddler), the turbulent and clearly orchestrated sequence of events, and he responds with the proclamation that ‘the Bat is broken.’

King clearly has a plan in mind, and the two parted lovers may in fact be reunited at some point. But one thing King didn’t plan for was—the twist of the issue to be given away by a headline.


The milestone issue was supposed to be released on July 4, but a few days prior to that, a headline by The New York Times revealed the jilting in its ‘vows section’ (though it was done so with DC’s knowledge, and the writer has since expressed his regret). Fans naturally took to social media to express their outrage, and King tried to guide them away from spoilers.

The issue is out now, so get your hands on it to explore the heartbreak and deception first-hand, and hope for the DC power couple to find each other again.      

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