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Over a Billion Streams for Drake's Scorpion

It took all of seven days for Drake’s Scorpion to be streamed globally over a billion times on all streaming platforms; though is it really a surprise, seeing that it got the most amount of listens in a single day, breaking records in that area as well.


New era. New platinum. Thank you a billion times over (a billion plus). ?

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This mammoth feat makes him the first artist to ever cross the billion mark in a span of 7 days, and if you look at the way his previous albums rocked the charts, this upward trajectory is an indication of how the trail-blazer from Toronto is ingraining himself into the minds and hearts of people all over the world with his blatantly honest and soul-baring lyrics. There’s clearly a reason as to why the double-sided album has been such a phenomenon, and it’s even gone platinum, making it the seventh time Drake has reached this milestone. 


His song 'God's Plan,' also had its own share of record-breaking moments.



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Scorpion takes listeners on a journey with Drake as he dives into the speculations regarding his child, the existence of whom he seemingly confirms in various songs like ‘Emotionless’ and ‘March 14,’ and his tribulations with the internet in general.



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It’s a turbulent journey that is interspersed with the likes of posthumous contributions from the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, and it’s one that requires quite a few listening sessions to grasp the many-layered 25 tracks (perhaps explaining the over billion streams); but, as always, it leaves Drake with the final word.

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