Halo 4


The return of Master Chief is just one of the things that make Halo 4 awesome.

You know things are looking up when one of the most beloved gaming heroes of all time makes a comeback... in totally-new action from a franchise that has taken the first-person shooter genre to new levels. Halo 4 matches the next generation of consoles and is set four years after Halo 3. It’s a gamechanger for the series and if there’s anybody who can stop a universe-ending threat, it’s John-117 or Master Chief. Gameplay is equal parts exploration and shooting, as you fight in new worlds and face off against newer enemies. This edition of the game offers a new storyboard that breaks from the war with the Covenant.

WHY PLAY? If you don’t try Halo 4, you don’t deserve salvation. And you can be sure we’re not saving you a seat in Hell either.

The campaign mode is single and multiplayer (for three other people). All of you can play as Master Chief together.

Forge, the tool that lets you reorient the map of the world you’re battling on, returns after Halo 3. Mastering it helps you gain experience and advantage.

Artificially intelligent character Cortana returns too, but you will see a side of her that is darker and potentially destructive.

The Forerunner planet Requiem offers a mysterious new landscape and characters, weapons and vehicles that help you overcome the enemy with additional firepower.