Xbox One

Xbox Consle Sensr controllr F BlackBG RGB 2013

When you’re ready for a marathon session in front of the TV (we’re not talking about porn, you perv, but that’s not out of bounds!), consider the next-generation Xbox One. The all-purpose console ensures you no longer have to change inputs on the TV. The retro-looking design is incredible, and the box is voice-enabled... it can now jump from TV to movies to music (and, of course, to your paused game) in a flash. The console also allows you to Skype, so we can understand if you feel like you’re going to spend all your time with this little machine. The Xbox One packs 8 GB RAM, a Blu-ray drive native 64-bit architecture and a 500 GB onboard hard drive, and is powered by an eight-core CPU (which allows it to run three op systems simultaneously). With WiFi and USB 3.0 connectivity, Microsoft’s newborn has the juice you’ll need to game away in 2013-14.