Maxim’s hottie-of-the-moment talks about her first drink, Sunday afternoon dates and what she wears to bed. P.S.: Yes, we insisted she spend the evening perched atop a bar.

sapna pabbi maxim shoot

The star of supernatural thriller Khamoshiyaan, Sapna believes in therapeutic cooking, and can shop for hours at a time as long as a glass of chilled Chardonnay is furnished every now and then. She’s fond of the green grape drink because it was love at first sip for the curvy lass. “It was the first wine I ever tasted. It was one of those ‘I’m so cool’ moments when I was in college. My girl gang and I decided to go for a Sex And The City kinda lunch for the first time as seniors. We called for a lot of Chardonnay, and never made it back to class!” All grown up now, when she’s not busy filming movies, playing dress-up-bride (for John Abraham’s Satra Ko Shaadi), hanging with her besties or taking impromptu vacations (because she believes surprises are more exciting), Sapna likes to relax at home wearing what we know to be a very comfortable combination. “I’m more of a ‘man shirt’ and boxers to bed kinda chick. But I am a sucker for soft silk, too,” she smirks. And in keeping with her cool girl nature, here’s all you need to do to impress the starlet: “I would prefer a lazy Sunday afternoon spent at a cosy café in the sun. The lazy afternoon will turn into the night if earned—nights are for precious peeps.” In case you were wondering what drink to order, stick to dark rum because, “It tastes better than whisky, smells sweeter than white rum, and when served on-the-rocks it doesn’t look like a strange yellow liquid from a distance.”

Styling by Maneka Harisinghani; Hari & Make-Up by Tarryn (Toabh Management)
Shot on location at The Bar Stock Exchange, Mumbai.