Why Bhaichung Bhutia's A Stylish Guy


India’s most famous football player, Bhaichung Bhutia, also has a keen fashion sense. He takes us under his wings to teach us a trick or two.

by Gitumoni Talukdar

Bhaichung Bhutia Football India Maxim Shoot

Maxim: Okay, you kicked our asses on the field. How does it feel to turn into a model?
Bhaichung Bhuta:
I don’t necessarily consider myself a guy who tries too hard to be stylish, but I do keep myself updated with the latest fashion trends. I like to dress for the occasion, and I prefer to be understated.

Bhaichung Bhutia Maxim India Shoot Style

M: How would you define your personal style?
BB: My personal style is all about comfort. I need to be comfortable in what I am wearing and I choose clothes that make me feel confident, while putting me at ease.

Bhaichung Bhutia Maxim india Style Fashion Shoot

M: Being a successful sportsman, what are the things a player needs to keep in mind when it comes to style?
Hair, hair, hair.

Bhaichung Bhutia Maxim Shoot Style Football Lead

M: What are the three must-have items in your wardrobe, apart from your boots?
BB: Definitely running shoes, denims and a white shirt.

M: Who’s the one person you definitely consider a style icon?
It has to be David Beckham. He is spot-on with his style. Even in a simple tee, he looks great.

Bhaichung Bhutia Style Shoot For Maxim

M: What about red carpet events?
BB: I really can’t say much about fashion or what to wear, because I try to ensure I am appropriately dressed. But I think it comes from where you are—be the best at whatever you do and you will automatically stand out. That’s as true for fashion as it is for life.

M: What can a man do for his lady to keep her smiling? We’re big on #MakeHerSmile, as you already know.
BB: Praise her! That tells her how much you appreciate her and all the things she does for you. And compliment her.

Bhaichung Football Maxim Bhutia

M: Among your mates from the football fraternity, who do you think are stylish?
BB: I think Sandesh Jhingan and Renedy Singh are pretty stylish. They always seems to be very well-turned out.

Football Bhaichung India Bhutia Maxim

Photographs by Amit Sharma
Styling by Dhwani
Hair & Make-Up by Aien Ozukum & Neeraj
Shot on location at Le Meridien, Gurgaon