What A Girl Wants — Ishika Taneja

Getting to know Ishika Taneja, Miss Tourism India 2017 and Guinness World Record holder, a little better.

Ishika Taneja


What’s the best way to catch your attention?
Just be the king of the castle and I'll be your queen. Respect  amalgamated with undeniable charm instantly grabs my attention. It’s the confidence that speaks.

What do you look for in a man?
Strength to stand on your grounds is what makes a man. It’s mutual values that connect and entwine two hearts. Besides, a great sense of humour and family values will always give you brownie points.

What about personality-wise?
I may not fall for a smarmy sweet talker, but a man with a vision is what I look for. An intelligent dude with an impressive vocabulary always earns extra points from me.

What turns you off?
Liars, gossipmongers and the airy-headed people repulse me straight away.


What is your ideal date?
Cuddling up to watch a romantic flick, sipping white wine, plenty of chocolate covered strawberries—while he is wearing nothing else but my favorite cologne.

What should a man never do on a date?
Try too hard !

When do you feel sexiest?
Oh, in my bed! When I'm in the arms of my loved one, on a silk bedsheet, wearing my lacey lingerie and 6 inch high red heels.