Spyder ST Limited

ST-LTD 3-4 Pearl-Wht 13 Lead

If ride comfort is the first and last thing on your list, then the Spyder ST Limited is made for you. Just hold on.

When we hear the term “three-wheeled scooter,” we are taken back to a time when we were young and free, and drove a blue toy scooter without any worries. (Happier memories? Getting a BJ in college.) Relive both those moments with the Spyder ST Limited bike. This high-tech scooter churns out 100 hp at 7,500 rpm and comes with an advanced digital dashboard, 12-spoke chrome front rims, an integrated GPS system with Bluetooth compatibility, four travel bags, cruise control and heated handlebars (for times when your pillion rider is a frigid woman). Going cross-country or to the neighbourhood Mother Dairy won’t ever get you more eyeballs.


Engine 998-cc Rotax V-Twin

Power 100 hp @ 7,500 rpm

Torque 108 Nm @ 5,000 rpm

Transmission Five-speed semi-automatic