Splinter Cell BlackList


This franchise has taken the shooter genre on many exciting tangents.

This time around, the gameplay has greater flexibility than ever, while the missions—and the bang value—are more comprehensive. New game physics make for some killer battles, and the story has been woven to match the action on the screen. Sam Fisher is back to take charge of the newly-powered Echelon, fitted with explosive ammo and intelligence to take down a vicious new terror outfit that threatens the US. The task is simple: Search and destroy without unnecessary semantics (which means bloody action for you). The game also takes you to city and country, which makes it that much broader in terms of action—from stealthy mercenary to explorative soldier. The Spies Vs. Mercs multiplayer makes a comeback, which means a plethora of tools and objectives to ace. Blacklist also has motion-enabled options, so lose some weight.