Steel Your Soul

Here’s how to work out without a gym and still get your ass in fighting shape.


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What is stamina? Simply put, it is the ability to pretend you’re not out of breath after getting buggered by a flight of stairs. To get some more zip and to add some more zing, use this turbo-charged routine. It has been designed to let you run a couple of kilometres, follow that up with 100 crunches and then score some 20 pull-ups. Sounds intimidating? It is.

Mix up your runs

Don’t wear yourself out with daily long runs. Change your routine: Take a long jog one day; the next, do 200-yard sprints. Do five sets of 20 crunches afterward. Aim for five runs a week. By week four—and if you’ve followed the plan—you should be able to run five kilometres without puking.

Build a pyramid

Try the pyramid technique to build stamina. Do one pull-up, then rest a few seconds. Then do two pull-ups, followed by a rest. Then do three, then four, then five. Once you’ve managed five, work back down to just one. Surprise! You’ve just done 25 pull-ups, chump.

Pull and push

To really push yourself, up the game by replacing your rest periods between pull-ups with push-ups: One push-up for each pull-up you do. If this doesn’t kick your ass at first, you ain’t doing it right. Keep working at it, though, and you’ll be soldier-fit in no time!