Sonam Kapoor Is Giving Us #GirlfriendGoals

It's been a big year for Sonam Kapoor, especially with the success of her film Neerja, the launch of her own app and another successful Cannes Film Festival outing. For the record, we've loved Sonam even before all the critics and naysayers turned around and showered her with praise for her nuanced performance in the hit biopic. She's awesome. Here's five reasons why SK would make the perfect #bae.


1. She's funnier than most of your friends. She's not afraid to speak her mind and knows how to shut down Internet trolls.

Sonam Kapoor Witty

2. She looks fantastic 24x7...even when she's in her pjs!

 Sonam Kapoor Looks Good In Anything

Sonam Kapoor Pajamas



3. She's a supportive person.

Sonam Kapoor Nil Battey Sannata Tweet

Sonam Kapoor Nil Battey Sannata


4. She reads! A lot. You could learn and thing or two from her.

Sonam Kapoor Reads


5. She's really into fitness. From what we've heard, she's a fantastic gym buddy too. Ergo, you can kiss your beer belly good bye!

Sonam Kapoor Workout Instagram