Kalki Unplugged


Sexy Kalki Koechlin raises the bar with this latest shoot for Maxim. The sensual actor speaks her mind on strong, independent women and how men need to stand up against gender inequality. “Irrespective of which field you're in, if you're in an office and see gender inequality of any kind or see a woman being treated unfairly o guys making jokes like 'the girl with the big tits,' you need to stand up for her,” she says.
Kalki also warns that women discuss more sex details than men. “When girls hang out, they go into detail. Men are more general, but women can be pretty specific.” The actor prefers “a really original sunset, a beautiful walk.... more time investment, less money investment,” as perfect dates than expensive gifts. And since Valentine's Day is around the corner, she suggests the best gift to give a woman is to make her smile. Marking the beginning of Maxim's #MakeHerSmile campaign, the actor roots for both men and women to be happy. “I think the best gift you can give anyone is to make her or him smile – whether you're a man or a woman. Or any other gender.”



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