One Night Stand

Sex lead 

When it comes to a one-night stand, you need to realise that, sometimes, a girl just wants to use you for sex. We actually have no problem with that.

The beauty of a one-night stand is right there in the name: One and done. But even though there isn’t a ton of time between the meet and the sheets, there are a million ways to screw things up, and make the sure shot show a no-go. To keep you from sacking your chances, we talked to women who have had their share of single-serve sex partners and are happy that they did. So, gents, maxim presents the banging man’s code of conduct for wild, one-night-only sex. It goes without saying that you take care of your grooming, smell like a man—not a caveman—and brush your teeth. Bro, it’s 2013.

Spot The Single Horny Female

“I think one-night stands are kind of gluttonous,” says Simran*, 28. “It’s like sitting down and eating a whole cake.” Want to find that cake inhaler when you’re navigating the scene? Look for signs in the way she acts around you. “When I see a guy I want to sleep with, I touch his arm, say, ‘Excuse me,’ and look directly into his eyes,” says Aditi*, 30. PDAs are also a green light. Tina, 23, says that if she’ll kiss a guy she just met in front of her friends, she’s more than willing to leave and finish what they started.But watch for more than a single sign.

Also, see how willing she is to ditch her friends. “If I leave my girls at the bar, I’m DTF—no question,” says Simran. (Somewhere, guys are fist-pumping at that revelation.) And just as she’s subtly hinting at it, so should you. “If a guy puts his hand on the small of my back and I’m not comfortable with it, I’ll shy away. But if I’m up for a one-nighter, I’ll reciprocate by touching him back,” says Chandni*, 27. And when deciding where to get it on, just be practical. “When I’m horny I just want to go wherever is the fastest, most private place we can get crazy—mine or his,” says Sara*, 28. Don’t suggest a sleazy hotel or the pad you shack out in with roommates. Nothing’s gonna make her run faster. Unless, of course, she suggests it.

Make An Offer She Can’t Refuse

When propositioning your lady, ask yourself: What would Ryan Gosling do? As Aditi says, “It should feel like Crazy, Stupid, Love when Ryan says, ‘Wanna get out of here?’ That charm and casual confidence works, always.”

Akanksha*, 31, got similarly Gosling’d when she met a European businessman at a hotel bar in Mumbai. After a few drinks he asked her if she wanted to “check out the view” from his room. “He was smooth—plus, in the morning he wouldn’t let me put my clothes on, and we had sex while I was wearing nothing but my heels overlooking Marine Drive.” A sex move now known as the Master Drive in her book.

Fulfil Her Fantasies

It’s not every day that women opt for a casual screw—so when they do, they want to make the most of it. That means indulging in some naughty fantasies they might be too shy to bring up with someone they’re dating. “I’m always up for something different because I’m never going to see the guy again,” says Aditi. “Once I woke up at 5 am with a one-night stand and was still really horny, so I made him watch porn and we copied the moves. I wouldn’t do that with a new boyfriend, but with this guy I was completely uninhibited.”

If you think your one-night lady seems timid to initiate her X-rated desires, look for clues. Does she have a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey on her nightstand? Is there a nurse’s outfit hanging in her closet? Or just ask. “The hottest one-nighter I’ve ever had was with a guy who threw me down and said, ‘I’m going to do anything you tell me to,’” says Anita*, 28. “I ended up handcuffed to the headboard. It was so hot!” That said, don’t come on too strong with the kink. Most girls like a bit of it, but some are simply grossed out by it. Safe bet? Letting her tie you up first.

Know When To Leave

Even if you’re going for round two when you wake up, don’t get too intimate. It is, after all, a one-night stand. “Cuddles and forehead kisses from a stranger weird me out,” says Akanksha. And skip breakfast, or any offer to “hook up later” for a coffee and such. “There’s no need to make me an omelette. I’d rather head to brunch with my friends and recap the tale,” she adds. You’ll know by her body language that she needs you to leave, so don’t be a dick about it.

Sure, exchanging numbers is a common courtesy at times like these, but chances are you both know this was a one-night thing and you probably don’t want to run into each other again. But beware: Telling the girl you just put your penis in that you don’t want at least some of her info may be off-putting. Keep it subtle by simply not asking for it. And don’t “friend” her on Facebook: She already got one poke from you—and that’s all she needs. Believe us!