Sex Goddess


If you want to break free from stereotypes and take action to the next level, there’s no one better than the feisty SHERLYN CHOPRA to guide you. She’s bold and brash, which is exactly what you need for ideas that pull no punches but hit the spot. In an exclusive, she lets maxim in on the secrets of keeping a woman happy, and how you can get the girl of your dreams to be with you forever. Best part? It’s all in Sherlyn’s own words. Take notes.

Make Her Friends Your Friends

“Hey, man, that’s the most natural thing to happen. Girls share a bond that men will never understand and are bound to be possessive about their girls. The solution is a simple two-step process. First, woo your girl and throw undiluted affection her way when they are around... hell, even make out when the moment is right. This will give them the faith that she is in safe hands. Second, make them believe you really appreciate the fact that you steal her away from them and they let you. In no time, from Mr. Wrong you’ll graduate to Mr. How I Wish.”

Let Experimentation Be Her Prerogative

“A threesome is a bold and definitive step in a relationship. Make sure your partner is as comfortable as you are about the idea. Get her excited about the idea and the adventure it could be. Make sure you include her in selecting your third wheel and the ride will be a memorable experience. But, beware, you are now single-handedly driving two bogeys and you better bring your A game to the table.”

Make It About Emotions

“Oh, this one, I could write a book on. But, in one line, care about what she cares about. Be it a place, an item, a thing, an event or a person. But let me assure you the way may be nonsexual, but the reward will certainly not be ‘platonic.’”

Stay True To Her

“My friend, you unfortunately have trespassed on the sanctity of a relationship. No questions asked, tell your girlfriend the truth. Lies are excess baggage, which keep us going round and round in circles. The only way forward is to be truthful. Your girlfriend may want to take a break from you. Or she may want to break up with you. Either way, it’s her decision and the only thing you can hope is that you learn from this folly.”

Break Out Of The Routine

“The biggest mistake we do is take sex to be an activity. Sex is a form of expressing yourself. The closest art form to sex, according to me, is poetry. So, taking that analogy forward: You don’t need to rhyme every time. Sometimes, the fun is in the abstract. Don’t follow the same routine every time. Start from a different body part and you don’t know where you end. Every poem has verses. You may forget the rest of the poem, but you’ll always remember that Jack and Jill did go ‘up the hill.’ Foreplay is the biggest make or break for a varied sex life. Props, edible lingerie are just the tip of the iceberg. Make the poem reach a crescendo and the tune will play itself out. Finally, the climax: Leave the reader with a thought that he or she will remember. All the pheromones released leave a woman with a feeling like no other. Ensure she enjoys every second of that feeling... you’ll have sex just to feel that way at the end of it. Follow this and Jill will surely come ‘tumbling after.’”

Get To The Fore

“The G-Spot is first in the head and then in the body. Every inch of skin is your playground, so learn to master every game you play. Finally, don’t look like a Labrador that found a frisbee every time a woman takes her clothes off. Trust me, you need to be attractive to her too and no one likes a drooler in bed.”

Take An Oral Exam

“Yes, oral sex is an art form that comes naturally to all of us. Your experiment has the following apparatus. First, the tongue—it has 16 muscles, so make each one count. Second, the shaft—ensure the play field is mown and the lighthouse is all guns ablaze. But before you do anything, just ask her about her favourite fruit and do the needful.”

Help Her Banish Her Inhibitions

“If your woman freaks out at the thought of oral sex, follow three simple steps. First, get a hair removing cream and use it! Second, take a proper shower and spray some scintillating perfume all over your body. Third, use a mouthwash. Once you seem edible, your girl will stop freaking out and will beg for more!”

Think Beyond The Actual Position

“I suggest you try four or five positions... the one that involves a broken lamp or a society complaint about noise the next day is the best position. But, jokes apart, every body is a different architectural masterpiece. How can the walls look and feel the same?”

Fetish Yourself Up

“Let her test-drive the car and then she could take it for a spin. So, leave the handcuffs in her purse and the whip in her closet. Let her feel the grip of the whip and the helplessness of the handcuffs. Then, randomly show her a video clip of someone actually enjoying it. Ensure the volume is on mute, else she is gonna focus on the spank instead of the shank. And before you know it, she will be into handcuffs as much as the police.”