Rapper Big Boi Talks Tequila

Rapper Big Boi on a life-changing 20 shots of tequila.


I’ve had a lot of crazy nights of drinking, but only one where I ended up with a baby afterward. It was Atlanta, 1999. There was no Uber then, so I had my homeboys drive me around. We started at a strip club called the Gentlemen’s Club—one of the best in the city—where we’d always order about 50 shots of Cuervo Gold for us all. I wouldn’t feel nothing until after the first 10. I had an iron liver and drank a lot of water.

Something about Cuervo Gold just makes you randy. So after about 20 shots, I wanted my wife. She doesn’t drink that much; she might have a vodka and cranberry or some wine. So she was back home, dead asleep. And when I got there, I didn’t care if she had a bonnet, a do-rag, hair rollers—she looked like the black Marilyn Monroe to me. It was almost like a ritual, doing all those shots and going home to my wife. I snatched the covers off her and we had a good old time. It was some of the most intense lovemaking ever in history. I’m talking about, your body is just numb, but in a good way. And that night, we made my third child: my son.

I don’t want no more kids, so I’ve pulled back on the Cuervo. If I got a vasectomy, maybe I’d go back to drinking 20 tequila shots. But nowadays, I’ll just have a Hennessy on the rocks.

Big Boi’s latest project, Big Grams, is a collaboration with the electro-pop group Phantogram. Its self-titled EP is out now.

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