R Rathore


One of India’s best designers takes the final plunge. In style!

So, how do you think you’ll go?

God willing, painlessly.

What’s the big plan for the last day?

Fly to the moon, start a new religion, save a whale, become a martyr.

Fashion in Monaco. Awards from the government. Accolades from peers. Life’s been awesome for you?

The past is important for the present to exist. I have deep faith in our culture and the Indian legacy. Slowly and steadily, we can rebuild a proud nation, we just have to invest in ourselves, and start believing.

We need tips. You need time. Three quick fixes?

Hygiene and freshness, masculine style, confidence and comfort, before fashion.

That was fun. What’s the one thing on Earth you’re glad you won’t have to do?

Carry a mobile phone!

What’s been the most embarrassing moment of your life?

Facebook hack, with ghastly uploads.

Did you ever feel some day was going to be your last day?

During the 1971 Indo-Pak war.

In your next life, you’d want to be...?

Robinson Crusoe of the new world.

Who’d you like to spy on on Earth after you’re gone?

Gone is gone, I believe in looking ahead!

What do you think it’ll be: Heaven or hell, and why?

We’re living in a world of mergers.

Nice. What will we catch you doing?

Styling the angels.

Anybody you’d like to punch out before the final curtain?

Mediocrity, lethargy and bad taste.

Your last meal would be.


Girls have a thing for well-dressed men. Your advice to impress girls?

Focus, seize the moment and be stylish... but be honest.

Which dead celebs would we catch you partying with?

Marilyn Monroe, to start with.

Your last shot at redemption. What would you have changed in your life?

Except for Ps & Qs, not much.

A deathbed confession?

Decadence can set you free.

Your last words?

Thank you, World!