Dakar Rally 2017


It's that time of the year when the Dakar is in the air. If it's the biggest and the baddest motor race on this planet, can #SportsIllustratedIndia be far behind. Yes, we are going to be there at the Dakar 2017, bringing you all the updates and insights.

DECEMBER 29, 2016

We will keep you informed in real time the progress of our Indian boys CS Santosh, who is racing in the colours of #Hero#Motosports#Rally#Team and Aravind KP for Sherco-TVS Racing. So watch this space

DECEMBER 31, 2016

The men have arrived and the machines are ready to rumble. It's time for the #Dakar#Rally. It's time for the meanest and baddest race on the planet. Some snapshots on D-2 day, The dice will start rolling from the 31st with the administrative and technical checks for the drivers and their vehicles.

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CS Santosh on the way for some last minute tests before the bikes are sent for technical inspection. #heromotocorp#Dakar#Rally


And the big boys of Moto category are waiting to unleash their fury #KTMRacing#Dakar#Rally


In the #Dakar their is never a slow moment. Riders on the way for final testing

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And our boys spicing up the front page of the local newspapers like real #heroes — with Santhosh Cs.

JANUARY 01, 2016

D-1 day: The teams got down to the business at hand with technical checks of the vehicles. In less than 24 hours, the epic madness will start marking the start of the 37th edition of the #Dakar Rally#

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The Russians like it red, but in the Dakar Rally the blue Kamaz armada rules to the roost

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Perhaps, the most important roll of paper for the riders #Heromotosports#Speedbrain

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The scribbles and symbols bring the riders home at the end of each day

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Nothing goes past the hawk-eyed scrutineers at the Dakar Rally #Speedbrain#heromotosports

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At times the devil is in the reflection #Speedbrain#Heromotosports — with Jordi Grau.

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Technical and safety checks are always taxing in any rally. But in the Dakar Rally you need to manpower with horsepower #Speedbrain#HeroMotosports — with Santhosh Cs.

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They not only use the eyes to see if the bikes conform to the the tech specs, they also put their ears to make sure the safety devices are working. #Speedbrain#HeroMotosports

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Everything thing is big in the Dakar Rally. The sprawling expanse of the #Dakar bivouac in Asuncion, Paraguay.

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The Indian team is always in demand #heromotosports#speedbrain — with Jordi Grau and Santhosh Cs.

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The A-team of Hero Motosports that keeps the bikes and the riders in shape — with Jordi Grau and Santhosh Cs.

JANUARY 02, 2016

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D-0. The 2017 Dakar Rally is on for our Indian boys. C.S. Santosh and Aravind K.P. rolled off the ceremonial start ramp this evening in front of thousands of fanatic motorsports fans

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CS Santoshis happy man to get the Dakar started

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And Aravind KP is sent off by none other than five-time Dakar Rally winner Marc Coma — with Aravind KP.

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The smile says it all of living a dream. — with Aravind KP.

Dakar Flash: Stage 1 --39 km. Resistencia, Argentina
Joaquim Rodrigues -Pos 16 Stage Time 00: 29:42
C.S Santosh-- Pos. 47 Stage Time: 00:32:45
Aravind K.P. Pos 63 Stage Time 00:34:17

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CS Santoshin action in the first stage of the 2017 Dakar Rally

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Joaquim Rodrigues blitzing the opening stage
#Hero MotoCorp #HeroMotosports

JANUARY 3, 2016

A bit of disappointing news from the Indian perspective. Aravind KP has hurt his left hand after a fall. It's soft bone fracture of the left middle finger. But true to his gritty character, KP will continue in the Dakar Rally and try to overcome the pain barrier.