GenN Chronicles

Maxim and Honor India present the GenN Chronicles. We celebrate people who have embraced a No Nonsense approach to life.

GenN Fashion Designer takes a No Nonsense approach


This GenN fashion designer searched for inspiration in the world around her. “I want people to know that for a designer, inspiration can come from the most unimaginable of places. Now, it stands out in the golden curves of my Honor 5X smartphone,” she says. To her, design is all about adding an edge, which has become her signature. Be it in the cut, in the lines or the fall, the #GenN designer wanted to stand out from the crowd. “I wanted them to be recognised from a distance,” she says. Choosing to go away from the glamour of ramp walks and designer weeks, the designer took a No Nonsense approach to life and work. 


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GenN Chef who let his roots direct his No Nonsense
approach to food


The GenN chef lets his food speak for itself. He saves old recipes (especially of his mother’s) on his Honor 5X smartphone and tries them out giving each recipe his own spin. “I needed to go beyond what I had already learned and mastered. I wanted to start an enterprise where my creations and mother’s treasure that lay hidden on my phone could reach millions of households.” He then decided to start his own YouTube channel, the first of which was recorded on his Honor 5x smartphone. “I wanted everyone to learn in the comfort of their homes.” He connected with millions of people. “I shared ideas and experiences of a No Nonsense approach to life with the world.” This is what GenN is all about.


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The DJ who made a No Nonsense beat his jam


For this GenN musician-DJ, rhythm is more about what moves him than what people expect. Music is his passion and he has ventured far and wide to fulfil his thirst for it. “Music is everywhere. Just like these alleys, where I walk to inspire myself and capture the sounds of the street on my Honor 5X smartphone.” He looked for them in the crowded clubs, bars, offices, homes, metros… He found them everywhere. “I could capture music at any time and place and looked for the simpler yet more resonating sounds. At the end of each recording, I would fuse them together and get a beautiful amalgamation of melody.” This GenN DJ has taken a No Nonsense approach to his music.


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