Naughty Goodies for the best loving of your life


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Kama Sutra Aromatic Massage Oil

Rs 1,799




Make your girl feel extra special by gifting her this massage oil. You can then rub her until she shows that she can’t hold out any more. That’s when you introduce “the sultry saddle.” Have her sit in the middle with your legs apart, and let her put one hand on your chest and the other on your lower leg. Rock back and forth until you find the right spot. Bring out the inner goddess in her with this sensual product.


53 Sex Positions Flash

Rs 800


Allow a gift of these deck cards to take “cunnilingus” to the next level by having her squat over your face. Hold hands as she does so... the idea is intense sensation for her, so a tiny bit of squeezing her hands will just heighten the action. And, as the name of the game clearly states, this is a great way to take your sex sessions to new levels, because the game itself will give her ideas. Don’t be shy now... let her pick the card while you pick the position.


31 Sexual Favors For Him

Rs 990

This is the perfect gift, for the start of something new. Let it be at the beginning of the year or at the end of it. Kick it off with the “69,” where you lie on top of your lady love and stimulate each other orally. And even though it’s mainly meant for sexual favors for him, we think this is the perfect time to reward your girl with the same treatment. Add some flavor to your evenings and gain new perspectives in unique positions. There’s certainly no going back after this…. The best way to use this game is to catch her off-guard, and show her the time of her life. She’ll thank you for making her laugh and for turning her on.


50 Shades of Grey Bondage Kit

Rs 7,999

Finish a hard day with a bang... literally! And make sure you try all the positions and more. Make it a bit more adventurous by introducing the gift of bondage. The “cowgirl” with add-ons is a great motivator for every experimental out there. Take it to the next level with role play, like the protagonists of the book. Give this to a girl who you’ve been seeing for a while, and watch her bloom.

Miss Dusky Diva Blow-Up Party Prank Doll

Rs 1,120

To add some spice to your sex life, go all in and try the “jackhammer.” Let her lie back on a bed and raise her body so that you’re holding her legs apart. The basic premise is friction because she can grind herself against you. It’s a position that takes strength, so you can practice with this naughty little item. It also makes for a great gift for your close mates, or for making an adult statement with a male colleague.


Body Tickler Ostrich Feather

Rs 850

Take intimacy up a notch with “the face-to-face position.” Sit opposite each other and get her to slide on top of you. She will be able to see your passion in your eyes, which will fire her up more than ever. To add that little extra to the moment, get this wonderful product and tickle each other while making love. A feathery touch all over her body will really turn her on. It also makes for a super gift for her. She’ll love it.


50 Shades of Inspiration Grey Cuffs

Rs 6,030

With this item, you can really spice things up. And what better position than by having your lady climb on top of you? Once she has allowed you to bind her, she can lean back and hold your knees. Then, move her gently and let the friction elevate! These cuffs are perfect for exploring—and expanding—the horizons of your sex life and making any position more exciting. They also make a kinky gift for her that’ll serve as a naughty suggestion.


Brand X Liquid Latex Rainbow Kit

Rs 6,990

Will the horniest man please stand up? No, you actually have to stand up for this one. Renew your sex life with this batch of color, with a kinky edge. Play with each other’s bodies—like a new invention of foreplay. Let your lady turn to face the wall with her feet apart and her butt stuck out at you. Bend your knees and move closer to her. After finishing, put out big papers and create magnificent art, then do it all over again. It’s a gift that keeps giving.


Pure Desire Sexual EnhanceR

Rs 4,996

If you’re in need of a lot of action, spice it up with a position that’s made to show her you’re up for anything. Gift yourself this item and act out your naughtiest fantasies with her... with increased stamina. Stand with your back against a wall, knees bent. Let your girl rise up and lower herself on you, her weight resting on your thighs. Let loose.