Sexual Summer

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It’s getting hotter out there, and the welcome sights of the warm season are all around you. Flash: Women are aware that it’s time for things to heat up. And, well, that’s where you want to come in.Use these tips—from real girls—to set the season ablaze. Careful: It’s hot!

Okay, so we agree that the next few months are going to be torture, unless you’re living in the southern hemisphere. (In which case, down under is great, right?) The only way to make things better—apart from chilled beer—is to hook up with a hottie who’s also waiting to release her pent-up summer hotness, along with her knotted bikini top. And, because the days are longer, you have more time to do what needs to be done. Summer is perfect for an all-encompassing affair, but it isn’t all fun and games. And summer flings are always memorable, which is why almost every girl is probably up for one at some point. We caught up with a bunch of girls over mojitos and corn chips to distinguish the amazing from the disastrous. Read on and find out how to get the sex of your dreams, all in the season of sweat. Oh, and you should know that all the girls we spoke to are now single and say that these few tips are so “handy” that they’ll help you give your hand a rest.

Get your visors on

You should determine if all you’re looking for is carnal pleasure... you know, doing as much as the two of you can with no strings attached. Or, if you’re looking for something serious. You don’t want to hang with a girl who ends up stalking you for the rest of the summer (and, if you’re unlucky, beyond). But how can you tell if she’s looking for a fling or something more? Read on.

Weather Channelled

Generally speaking, women tend to be more sexually active in the summer, and it’s not just because they actually give a crap about shaving their legs. (Our apologies to female gorillas.) It probably has something to do with the muggy weather which makes you want to dress down, and the fact that there’s a lot more skin to be seen all around. For a lot of girls, summertime can offer the opportunity to lead a double life. Isha*, 27, says all her summer flings occurred during the time she was on vacation, thanks to an accelerated sexual learning curve. “I had been with my boyfriend for a few months, but we broke off just before our summer vacation. A new place seemed like a prime opportunity to use some of my newfound confidence and sexual skills with hot guys.”

Plenty of women are still fling-hungry when it comes to the lean months of summer, because things are slow and people are generally happy to be indoors. So, heading out to the beach or to the hills on weekend trips are fast becoming the urban norm, and it serves a dual purpose. It gives girls a chance to escape the heat and also lets them leave their work personas behind. “I hang out so much with colleagues that it’s tough for me to let loose,” says Mohita*, 31. “But each year, I rent a small shack with friends from school and college, and each year I meet a guy who I make mine for the weekend or the three-four days I am there. Knowing I’m going to spend the weekends drinking and screwing makes the workweeks fly.” She, of course, is not alone. Priya*, 28, works in the media and is constantly plagued with long work hours and working weekends. Once a month, she heads out and that’s her “my” time, she says. She hooks up with guys who are fit and active. “I’ll always be turned on by men sweating and grunting, unless it’s because they’re out of shape.”

Skim the waves

Obviously, the best candidates for summer flings are women who’re either out of their regular lives and looking for a bit of fun or women who are likely to go back to whatever it is that they do after a few days. They’re likely to understand the deal—that this arrangement is temporary. But there are other behavioural clues. For example, if she’s someone you’re going to see regularly, but she still goes for sex right away, she’s probably not looking for a boyfriend. “A few years ago, I was a participant at a one-week yoga retreat, and there was this super-hot instructor,” says Karen*, 25. “After the proceedings of the first day ended and all the participants had gone off to bed, I suggested we hit the jacuzzi. We talked and then fooled around and hooked up. When we were done, I said, ‘Same time tomorrow?’ He understood and we hooked up for the time we were there. The exercise was a bit much, but it was a memorable week.”

Sharmila*, 27, hooked up with a guy she worked with at her summer training camp in a marketing company—until he tried to get cosy. “It was a big company and a lot of people, and he was also just getting some additional experience. We’d all have drinks every night after we finished our seminars and work, and he and I would end up doing it in one of the cubicles or in his room.” But when her fling got sweet and asked her on a date, Sharmila declined. “That’s when I knew I had to end it,” she says. “I’m not sure why he thought we were embarking on a relationship when we were making out in an uncomfortable chair or in his place that wasn’t really my kind of ‘space.’”

The same thing almost happened to Madhuri*, but she averted it when she started dropping subtle hints for the guy. And, well, he was smart enough to pick them up. Let’s face it: It doesn’t take long for us to fall for a woman, especially when we’re surrounded by people who are only trying to hook up with one another. And, well, if a girl comes on to us. But it is important to tread carefully: If you get the stalker feeling and think you want to make things non-flingy, you’d better be ready for her to move on.

Sexual Healing

If you’re lucky enough to have a summer fling on your hands, the last thing you want to do is push her away. So remember: The point is to keep things light and breezy, just like the weather. “I once had a guy I met at the beach pursue me once we were back in the city after the summer,” says Sakshi*, 29, who hits Goa between April and June every year. “But spending lazy days on the beach with someone is completely different than meeting up for a fancy dinner in business attire. It just made the whole thing seem really routine.” In fact, she says, she barely recognised her fling with his glasses and suit on. “Suddenly, there was this buttoned-up corporate guy in front of me. I couldn’t believe it was the same guy I’d given head to at a party just a few weeks earlier.” She adds that she finds guys who roll up their shirt-sleeves hot. “It just looks so sexy-casual-cool,” she says.

Keep in mind, too, that summer love you’re crushing on may not be exactly who she says she is. “I used to make up lies about myself,” says Sara*, 32. “Just last year, I decided to put on an accent when we went out to bars, and I’d tell guys I was just visiting for a few weeks. Being anonymous made me more brazen. Faking it for a few nights a week wasn’t that hard.”

Sometimes, of course, women can’t help but develop feelings. Plenty of women have fallen prey to their emotions even when they began an affair with every intention of keeping it quick and simple. So if you sense that your fuck-buddy is starting to really get into you, don’t be cruel. “After our summer shares ended, I texted this one guy,” says Maria*, 27. “He told me he was moving to another city, but I ended up seeing him a month later at a party. When I asked if he was in town for the weekend, he confessed that he’d never moved. He was just too much of a coward to tell me he didn’t want anything.”

The bottom-line? Know a fling for what it is, and don’t aim for one if you’re looking to get serious. Chances are a girl won’t really look for her “soul mate” over one weekend.