Getting A Move On

I’ve been dating this woman for four months, and I told her last week that I have fallen in love with her. Her response was far from what I expected. She told me that she would like to continue as friends and not more than that. According to her, she doesn’t have strong enough feelings to accept me as a lover, and cannot be with me if my feelings have gone that far. What should I do? Should I wait around and hope she changes her mind or let her go? The thing is, I’ve really begun to cherish her. Mayank, Bengaluru



Let’s get this straight. You’ve done all you can. She obviously loved your attention and to her, you were a challenge. Now that she knows you’ve fallen for her, the challenge is gone. It could also be that she is not ready for this type of commitment and got scared. Pursue other friendships that may turn into something more. She’s not going to accept you as a lover anytime soon, so you shouldn’t hesitate to pursue others. She may miss the attention you gave her, but it’d be a waste of your time to hang around hoping she’ll reconsider.