Snip Snip

I’m seriously thinking about getting snipped. I’m 25 and divorced with a two-year old son. I’m pretty sure I don’t want any more kids (I found that out when my girlfriend, who wasn’t supposed to have kids, got pregnant and had a miscarriage). I was just wondering if I could have a dramatic change of heart? Ashok, Mumbai



You’re way too young to be thinking about a vasectomy. But if you’re already divorced at 25, you’re feeling quite disillusioned with the idea of a family unit and growing old with your woman. Well, shit happens! You need to get over it without resorting to such drastic measures. Your perfect partner may still be out there and what are you going to do when you find her? And what about your two-year old son? Kids who grow up without siblings tend to be socially awkward. Not always, of course, but there is a higher possibility. Just use precaution or get your girlfriend to use the pill. That’s easy, right?