Art of Seduction

  • Art of Seduction

    5 New Year's Resolutions to Make in the Bedroom

    Here's how to manage your sexpectations for the new Cara Hessels (© George Mayer… Read More
  • Imbesharam-crop
    Art of Seduction

    Naughty Goodies for the best loving of your life

    click on the image to enlargeDownload PDF Version Kama Sutra Aromatic Massage Oil Rs… Read More
  • LEAD 1
    Art of Seduction

    Sex O'Clock

    It’s always on your mind. Now learn how girls feel about doing it morning, noon, and… Read More
  • Sex lead
    Art of Seduction

    One Night Stand

    When it comes to a one-night stand, you need to realise that, sometimes, a girl just… Read More
  • SEX
    Art of Seduction

    Blow Yourself Away

    Buddy, don’t close the bedroom door just yet. Read on for easy ways to drive her crazy.… Read More
  • sex-lead
    Art of Seduction

    Sex Goddess

    If you want to break free from stereotypes and take action to the next level, there’s no… Read More
  • Sex-1
    Art of Seduction

    Sex To The Rescue

    Spiff up your sex life with a new spin on old tricks. This girl we knew once snuck out of… Read More
  • Art of Seduction

    Fetish Central

    Make her squeal with passion with super-simple sex moves. When Lavanya*, 30, first made a… Read More
  • June Sex
    Art of Seduction


    Spice things up in the bedroom. As with tightrope walking or manoeuvring work-and-play,… Read More
  • maxim-sex-piece-revised 2
    Art of Seduction

    Sexual Sutra

    In 2013, we give you the mantra for 12 full months of ecstasy. All you need to know is… Read More
  • 1112-Guru Sex 8 Lead
    Art of Seduction

    50 Shades of Lay

    Submit to your girlfriend's guilty pop-culture pleasures and she may just pencil you in… Read More
  • 147630807 Lead
    Art of Seduction

    Sexual Summer

    It’s getting hotter out there, and the welcome sights of the warm season are all around… Read More
  • 122761178
    Art of Seduction

    Porn Trouble

    My boyfriend has a “thing” for porn cams. When I confronted him about it, he admitted to… Read More
  • dv2174037
    Art of Seduction

    Getting A Move On

    I’ve been dating this woman for four months, and I told her last week that I have fallen… Read More
  • 0212-MX-SUP LINGERIE Lead
    Art of Seduction

    Hard Times

    Though I’ve had a rollicking sex life with a girl for the three years we’ve been… Read More
  • 0212-MX-SUP LINGERIE 17
    Art of Seduction

    Faking It

    How do I know if she’s having an orgasm? Are there any signs? Indraneel, Kolkata Women… Read More
  • 0212-MX-SUP LINGERIE 13
    Art of Seduction

    To Be Or Not To Be

    OK, my question may seem weird to you, but then nothing is weird when it comes to you… Read More
  • 0212-MX-SUP LINGERIE 27
    Art of Seduction

    Snip Snip

    I’m seriously thinking about getting snipped. I’m 25 and divorced with a two-year old… Read More
  • 0212-MX-SUP LINGERIE 14
    Art of Seduction

    Second Helpings

    Mate, we hate to say it, but stop thinking with your cock for one second. If she wasn’t… Read More
  • 0212-MX-SUP LINGERIE 15
    Art of Seduction

    Best Buddy

    I’m turning 20 and have never been in a relationship of any kind. I’m always the “friend”… Read More
  • 0212-MX-SUP LINGERIE 16
    Art of Seduction

    Blowing It Up

    I’ve been married 18 years but sex seems to be something my wife does only when she’s in… Read More