Belly of the Bear


Belly of the Bear (or The Zippo which came back from the belly of a Bear or Recovering a Zippo from the woods or Lost story that inspired Zippo to come up with its campaign)


On a hunting trip in the cold winter month of November, John Meister and his brother were hunting for a white-tailed deer. On this trip they successfully shot a deer, and cleaned the internal organs before heading back home. When Meister was home, he realized he had lost his trusty Zippo lighter, which he had owned for 15 years. He went back to the woods to search for the lighter the next day but had no luck. He did remember that a bear had come through the area and helped himself to the leftovers from the deer. He shrugged off his lost lighter and went on his way. Meister told his friend the story and by chance a few days later, that same friend called him up to tell him he had found his lost Zippo lighter. The friend had shot a bear in the same region where Meister’s brother had been hunting. While the friend was cleaning the bear, he made an unusual discovery in the bear’s stomach – Meister’s Zippo lighter, which lit up on the first try. The bear had eaten the remains of the deer, and swallowed the Zippo lighter in the process. Zippo once again won the fight against nature, challenging the durability and dependability of a Zippo lighter.