Kunal Rao


Get ready to be messed up by Kunal Rao as he throws nasty ones your way.

- I’m not saying that all women are gold-diggers, but sometimes the only reason a woman checks out a man’s ass is to see how thick his wallet is.

- Women keep saying they want chivalrous men who will open doors for them. Why don’t they just date liftmen? A liftman will be a perfect husband, because he opens doors, and then he spends time with you alone... in the lift. And he also knows what buttons to push.

- I love London. No one will ever get lost there because everyone has played Monopoly at least once.

- North Indians are so ignorant about South Indian food they think paper dosa is A4-sized. They think uttappam is the capital of Uttarakhand.

- Bartenders always give better service to girls. A good bartender can sniff out a Chanel No.5 from a mile.