Jessica Clark


True Blood’s sexy vampire Jessica Clark sprawls out in the sunshine and doesn’t burst into flames. Phew!

On the day of her maxim shoot, Jessica Clark posted a photo on Instagram featuring a rack filled with teeny bikinis and the caption, “Today’s wardrobe ;)” The winky emoticon, we assume, means, “Ha! These suckers think this is skimpy?” Because Jessica is used to wearing much less in True Blood, where she plays vampire goddess Lilith. The neck-biting beauty hasn’t worn a stitch of clothing since she first appeared in Season 5, rising from a puddle of blood covered in a thin layer of platelets. Randy phlebotomists everywhere rejoiced.


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Did you have any qualms about being nude on TV?

I’m not particularly body-conscious. I was pretty comfortable the entire time, but there was a flash of nerves on my first day of filming. It was a completely packed set, and I had to throw off the robe, and it was like, “Hi, first day at the office!” I literally had to show up to work naked.

We’re not sure how to ask this politely, but was pubic hairstyle an issue?

There was a lot of discussion about grooming. Lilith is primeval. There’s no landing strip or vagazzaling, so, yeah, the second phone call I got was like, “We need to talk about pubic hair.” They asked if I would be OK with maybe growing it out, but it was concluded that I was unlikely to reach such fulsome proportion without a merkin.

So you have a crotch wig?

That’s a merkin, yeah. But then it was funny because they went back and forth on the specific grooming of the merkin as well. I even had a fitting for it.

How do they go about covering you in blood?

They spray-paint a base coat, then apply different layers. It takes three to four hours and two special-effects artists. It’s quite an endeavour.

Must be a bitch to get it off, too.

I shower off as much as I can, and then the makeup artist comes in and scrubs me down with oils. Then we have three or four more go-rounds of that. We’ve gotten to know each other on a whole ’nother level.

Have you ever missed a spot and freaked somebody out?

One time I had this big streak of blood coming from my ear. My neighbour was like, “Oh, my God, you have to go to the hospital! You have a head injury!” And because I hadn’t yet appeared on the show and everything was secret, I couldn’t say why it was there.

Why do you think so many people are turned on by vampires?

I guess it’s like a sexual, intimate thing to bite and be bitten and be drained. It’s not my particular fetish, but I definitely get it.

Looking at you we get it, too. Have you ever worn your fangs to bed?

No, your teeth stay on set. Probably because they know we’d do things like that.