Jaguar C-X17

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Gents, get ready for this. Jaguar have come out with their first ever sports crossover vehicle, the C-X17.

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Still in its concept stage, the Jaguar C-X17 flaunts flashy new advanced aluminium monocoque architecture, which makes it an efficient sports vehicle. It’s likely to be powered by four-cylinder, high-output diesel and petrol engines, including a V-6 powertrain from the F-type. On the inside, sleek lines, bucket seats and a sunroof give it that spaceship-like feel, while on the outside it displays the strong Jaguar traits: The grille from the XJ luxury sedan and the sculptured haunch lines of the F-Type. Now, we’re just waiting for 2015 when this crossover hits the road. Finally, we have something to be grateful for (your girl not included).

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