In Half


A pair of shorts can prove to be your short-legged style rescue.

1   PUMA, Rs 1,799 (Wear with light blue, white or grey)

2   MARKS & SPENCER, Rs 2,499 (Perfect for a brunch)

3   HUGO BOSS at THE COLLECTIVE, Rs 12,000 (To make things flashy)

4   ARMANI JEANS, Rs 11,000 (Great alternative to linen)

5   NAUTICA, Rs 3,499 (Avoid wearing with a striped upper)

6   CELIO, Rs 2,499 (Great all-time option)

7   PUNK, Rs 1,799 (Great day-wear option)

8   LEVI’S, Rs ,899 (Best with a plain, solid-colour tee)

9   VANS, Rs 3,999 (Unleash your inner beach bum)