Happy Earth Day



5 Ways You Can Save The Planet Today

It's as easy as...

1. Getting yourself a low-flow showerhead.
You will end up using 25-60% less water when you shower with a low-flow showerhead everyday—big saving on the water bill and you're doing your bit to conserve water. Almost all showerheads have an adjustable setting that lets you switch between low and high flow while you're lathering up or getting ready to rinse.

2. Keeping a tab on your trash.
You don't have to install a security camera...just make a note of what you discard to figure out a pattern in the things you throw away—extra food/drink—and then change your shopping habits/lists accordingly. Note: Beer is never considered in excess. Just ask Team Maxim for a hand if you're ever overstocked.

3. Unplugging stuff after dark.
You'd be surpised by the number of appliances that suck up electricity even when they've been switched off—most commonly set top boxes, modems, computers, TVs and phone chargers. Unless you have the free time to unplug each individually, just invest in a power strip and plug everything into that. Pull the plug on the power strip when you're ready for bed.

4. Unjunking your trunk.
It isn't rocket science so you've got to know that less weight in your car equals higher fuel economy—saving moolah and fellow Earthlings from extra exhaust fumes. You need to empty out your trunk (FINALLY), and the back seat, and the passenger seat, and the floor area of your ride. Keep the essentials though.

5. Going paperless.
If you haven't done this already, today is a good time to start. Shift to e-billing/paperless billing to a) save trees b) avoid getting your phone line cut because you forgot to pay your monthly deposit.