Grand Theft Auto


From the carnage of the early days to the customisable universe of today, Grand Theft Auto has always offered more than mere car-stealing. Here, past glory and a peek at GTAV.


(Car)Jacking Off: GTA (1997)

Ah, yes, that just-stolen new-car smell. That’s what made the original GTA great, and it’s still one of our favourite pastimes. You may be able to bike, golf, swim, and sky­-dive in GTAV, but the game is still called Grand Theft Auto for a reason.


Killer Cameos: GTA2 (1999)

You can’t have a GTA without some cameos and puns. GTA2’s Disgraceland covered both and gave us a reason to run down Elvis Presley. In GTAV, Elvis may have left the building, but we’re more than happy to get a Kate Upton doppelgänger instead.


Getting Busy In The Backseat: GTAIII (2001)

GTAIII’s shift to a 3D open-world sandbox meant a new emphasis on exploration. The fan-favourite area to explore? The red-light district. What was a novelty back then is now a staple: In GTAV, when this hijacked van’s a-rockin’, don’t come a-knockin’.


Experiencing The Joy Of Home Ownership: GTA: Vice City (2002)

Tough times don’t keep a gangster from having a place to hang his hat. Vice City’s Tommy Vercetti had an epic Scarface-like homestead, but you can still score a killer pad in GTAV, even if it’s overrun with your bratty kids.


Kicking It With Your BFFs: GTAIV (2008)

GTAIV let you race, shoot, and wreak havoc with your buddies, and GTAV promises even more ways to cause carnage with your crew in its new multiplayer mode, GTA Online. You know, provided you actually have friends. Call us?