Gourmet On The Go!

Gourmet On The Go!

We scoured the country for the trendiest food trucks around.Here are the winners serving up some really good nosh. 
by Meher Bajwa

Super Sucker

super sucker MAXIM
Find it in: New Delhi. Follow facebook.com/saladtruck for directions.
Why: Serves kick-ass Indian-style Tex-Mex and high-end street food faves.
Try: Keema Pao, Paneer Tikka Masala Sexy Fries, Chicken Kebab Burrito and Caesar Salad with a Toasted Bun.

 The Spitfire BBQ Truck

the spitfire bbq truck MAXIM

Find it in: Bangalore. Follow facebook.com/thespitfire bbqtruck for directions.
Fhy: For the best dude food, BBQ-style.
Try: The BBQ Smoked Chicken & Cheese Steak Burger and the BBQ Buffalo Wings.

Eat N’ Run

eat n run MAXIM

Find it in: Empire Mills, Lower Parel, Mumbai.
Why: Quick and home-cooked good.
Try: Chicken Dimsum and the Junglee Sandwich.


kobri MAXIM 

Find it in: Gurgaon. Follow flavourlabs.in for directions.
Why: Innovative South Indian fare.
Try: The Dosa Wraps, Idli Sandwiches and Deep Fried Oreos for dessert.


Find it in: Sector 57, Gurgaon.
Why: A new-age, all-natural gourmet paletaz (Mexican popsicle) fare.
Try: Kiwi Strawberry Lemonade, Peach Plum Cranberry and Banana Date Nutella Pistachio.

The S.W.A.T Food Truck

the s.w.a.t food truck MAXIM
Find it in: Bangalore. Follow facebook.com/theSWATfoodtruck for directions.
Why: These guys have mastered the art of authentic curbside American gourmet.
Try: The Sloppy Joe Burger, BBQ Ribs and Chops, and the Mac & Cheese Burger.


Find it in: Bangalore. Follow facebook.com/de3the
foodtruck for directions.
Why: Offering a host of well-prepared, pocket-friendly dinner options, De3 was one of the first food trucks in India and is still going strong.
Try: Classic Cheeseburger, speciality Alfredo Pasta and Cheese &
Mayo Hotdog.

The Lalit Food Truck Company

the lalit food truck MAXIM
Find it in: Connaught Place, New Delhi
Why: The capital’s first food truck serves up a delectable all-star menu inspired by Latin American and Mexican food.
Try: Crispy Tacos, Churros, Hand-cut Fries and Falafel.

Fuel up

fuel-up MAXIM
Find it in: Bangalore. Follow facebook.com/fuelupfuelup for directions.
Why: They’ll make you come back for more Mexican grub each time—great customer satisfaction (and food)!
Try: Chicken Quesadilla, Garlic Butter Prawns, Nachos and Opera Cake.