Girl VS Food: Sushi Trials

Two hot foodies become Maxim’s food tasters. The result? A brand new take on Japanese food.


We asked our friends, Mili and Evelyn, what their favourite food was and turned out it was sushi. They swore by it and when we couldn't take their bragging any more, we challenged them to a sushi contest. We headed to Sakura, the Japanese restaurant at The Metropolitan Hotel & Spa in New Delhi, and dove head first into tons of sushi.

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As it turned out, the ladies ate more than we could and didn't burp even once. They also helped us learn how to make super sushi. Use these tips and get ready for dynamite results. It's all woman-endorsed.

Keep this in mind to become the Ninja of Rolls.


1) Use a coin-sized amount of soy sauce only.
Too much salt will kill the delicate flavours of the fish in the dish. You needn't drown your exotic dinner in a sea of salt and wasabi.

2) You could eat it with your hands.
Sushi is traditionally a finger food and your chef will probably encourage using your hands. Step away from the chopsticks. Phew!

3) Don't massacre your sushi roll
You've been offered a work of art—don't start deconstructing it just because you don't like a particular part. Man up and eat it.

4) Put down that ginger.
Despite what you might want to believe, the pickled ginger is actually meant to cleanse your palate between different sushi servings. It isn't a garnish, period.

DIY SUSHI In 3 Minutes

Master chef Testu Akahira at Sakura, The Metropolitan Hotel & Spa, gives us these Samurai-worthy ideas.



Get These
100 gm asparagus; 90 gm Koshihikari rice; 30 ml sushi vinegar; 50 gm tempura batter; 1 sushi (nori) sheet; 5 gm wasabi; 20 ml soy sauce; 20 gm gari (pickled ginger)

Make It
Place the nori sheet with the shiny smooth side facing downwards. Wet both your hands with water. Spread the sushi rice evenly on the sheet. Next, spread the wasabi. Place asparagus tempura in the centre. Lift the edge of the nori sheet and roll. Wet the edge of a sushi knife and cut the roll into six equal parts. Serve with soy sauce and pickled ginger.


Get These
30 gm chicken tikka; 10 gm pickled onion; 10 pieces pickled cucumber; 5 gm Japanese mayo; 100 gm Koshihikari rice; 1 nori sheet; 5 gm wasabi; 10 gm gari (pickled ginger); 1 tsp soy sauce.

Make It
Spread the nori sheet on a flat surface. With wet hands spread the rice on the sheet. Turn the nori sheet upside down so that rice is under the sheet. With index finger, spread wasabi paste in the centre. Place chicken tikka, sliced cucumber, onion and mayonnaise on top. Roll the sheet. Cut the roll into equal pieces. Serve with gari, wasabi and soy sauce.


Get These
45 gm salmon; 75 gm Koshihikari rice; 20 ml sushi vinegar; 1 sushi sheet; 5 gm wasabi; 20 ml soy sauce; gari (pickled ginger); 1 tsp soy sauce.

Make It
Divide the sushi sheets into two equal parts. Place it on a flat surface with the shiny side downwards. First spread the sushi rice on the sheet. Add wasabi. Place the strip of salmon in the centre. Roll up the nori sheet. Cut the roll into equal parts. Serve with soy sauce and pickled ginger.

Photographs by Abhishek Gambhir

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