Get Flexible


Add speed and strength to your upper body—and shape up your flabby arms—with just three moves. We promise they’ll get easier and help you become the antelope that outruns the leopard (we mean your boss and/or wife). Celebrate with a cold (boozy) shake.

1. Watering Hole Hammer Curls

Position two dumbbells of equal weight at your sides with palms facing in and arms straight. With elbows close to your sides, raise both dumbbells (or one at a time if you’ve just started) until your forearms are vertical and thumbs face your shoulders. Lower to the start position and repeat the movement. Do three sets with both arms. Then, stamp your foot to assert dominance.

2. Herd-Busting Side Raise

Grasp the dumbbells in front of your thighs, keeping the elbows slightly bent. Bend over a bit from your hips and keep your knees slightly bent. Then, raise the upper arms to your sides until your elbows are at shoulder height. Maintain the elbows’ height above or level with your wrists. Lower your arms and then repeat the movement about 25 times. Sharpen horns.

3. Territorial Dumb-bell press

This one’s great for your full upper body. Grab two dumbbells and sit on a bench (preferably one with a back rest). Then, curl the dumbbells till they are at shoulder level. Then, either turn the dumbbells outwards until your palms face forward or let your palms face each other to take some pressure off the rotator cuffs. Press the weight up and slowly lower the dumbbells. It’s important to keep your back straight during this move. You want muscles, not a hunch. Do four sets of this. You’re an alpha male.