This weekend, all you need is a cool cocktail featuring the season’s hottest spirit and tangiest champagne.

By Meher Bajwa

There are several cocktail recipes out there but there’s only one true classic cocktail that adds that extra zing to the regular glass of bubbly. Brandy brings a refreshing warmth to the drink. Choose a good champagne because that brings a majority of the flavour—the better the sparkly, the better the concoction. Here’s what you’ll need to shake up a storm: 1 sugar cube; 2-3 dashes of Angostura bitters; champagne; 1 ounce of brandy; orange slices for garnish and flavour.It’ll take three minutes to prep and yield 1 glass of delicious sipping.

The Prep
Place the sugar cube in the bottom of the high-ball glass or champagne flute. Saturate the cube with bitters. Now add the brandy. When you’re ready to serve, fill the glass with champagne and watch as the sugar cube dissolves into a fountain of bubbles. Now add the orange slices. And let the drinking begin!